Before Using EduTrak You Must Sign-in To PowerSchool.

TUITION (10 Payments Aug-May | 15th of each Month)
Edutrak uses online tuition contracts for tuition & operation fees monthly amounts due. 

Your ESTIMATED tuition bill for the 23-24 school year is on EduTrack. After you activate your account, you will be asked to sign a tuition contract. You are responsible to pay the estimated tuition shown in your contract.

Click Here PDF Instructions

Click Here Video Instructions

What if I applied for Ohio EdChoice? If you have applied for the EdChoice scholarship, your monthly tuition amount will be reduced or eliminated AFTER your scholarship is approved by the state of Ohio. (This process may take up to 3 months!) Any family that received the scholarship and overpaid will be issued a refund from Lake Center. 

Add Money To An Account Click Here

Set-Up Auto-Fill Lunch Payments. This feature allows you to set a low balance amount and a refill amount. Your food service account will be refilled automatically based on your
settings. Learn More

Set Student Spending & a la carte Limits Click Here 

Watch Instruction Video For Process

Free & Reduced Application must be completed and submitted online. Log into PowerSchool, from left menu bar select Edutrak, click the orange fork & knife, & then click the blue box which says “Apply for F/R Benefits.” You will be guided step-by-step to complete the form. 


A positive lunch balance = money to spend | A negative balance means you owe money.

CHECK OUT will show fees to pay and you select what to add to cart to pay.  For example if your child has an athletic fee, club fee or graduation fee, it will be charged to your account (EduTrak) and appear in your checkout cart to pay.

Check Out Instructional Video

If you are experiencing technical difficulties with the EduTrak, please call 1-800-934-2621, select option 2 for parent. 

PowerSchool is Lake Center Christian School’s parent online  portal to help support parent access 24/7 to access Student information. To create an account (as of 8/18/23) you MUST email Director of Educational Technology, Mr. Michael Garwood. He will assist you with a username and password. Email [email protected].

All your students are tied to your parent account, however the tuition contract amount covers the amount due for your family. We just put the total amount due on one child instead of splitting it across all siblings. 

There is a 3.2% fee on credit card payments and a $1.50 flat fee on any ACH transaction. This is per payment meaning that you can pay for multiple fees or tuition invoices at the same time by adding them all to your cart. 

Our school does not use this capability and so you can select “No, I do not have a key” and continue without one. If you’ve already selected yes, you should be able to hit “Go back” and it will not require that you enter one to continue. 

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