Student Accounts

Academic & Fee Management System 23-24 School Year

Lunch Account
Both 23/24 & 24/25 School Years

Add Money To An Account Click Here

Set-Up Auto-Fill Lunch Payments. This feature allows you to set a low balance amount and a refill amount. Your food service account will be refilled automatically based on your settings. Learn More

Set Student Spending & a la carte Limits Click Here 

Watch Instruction Video For Process

Free & Reduced Application must be completed and submitted online. Log into PowerSchool, from left menu bar select Edutrak, click the orange fork & knife, & then click the blue box which says “Apply for F/R Benefits.” You will be guided step-by-step to complete the form. 

A positive lunch balance = money to spend | A negative balance means you owe money.

Tuition & Fee Management
For School Year 24-25

For the 2024-25 school year, the BlackBaud Tuition Management will help improve your ability to manage payment for tuition, operation fee, and all other school fees, except lunch accounts. Edutrak will still be used to manage lunch payments.

Parents Enrolled for 24-25 school year should check their email with instructions on how to complete enrollment in the BlackBaud system. Please complete by June 7th. Below are resources to help you with enrollment instructions. 

Once you complete enrollment, you will receive A Welcome Email in mid-July with further instructions on how to log into your account. The tuition dollar amount will be visible when you access your account only after completing the initial enrollment. 

If you need technical assistance from BlackBaud Smart Tuition Management call (888) 868-8828.

MAY 2024Families enrolled for 2024-25 will receive an email from BlackBaudCustomerService with the subject line, Lake Center Christian School, setting up your account with BlackBaud tuition management. 

The process will take 5-10 minutes. Please complete by June 7, 2024. If you have technical questions while on the site, please call BlackBaud at 

You will be asked to read carefully and verify all information in your Family Account, and to set up your payment option. You will need your payment information (credit card, debit card, checking or saving account information to complete the setup information). 

When you receive this email, please open it and locate the link next to where it says to complete your enrollment, please click here to visit our website. 

Click Here t View Instructional Video To Verify Information in Blackbaud.

Click Here to Download PDF Instructions to Verify Information in Blackbaud.

 Your ESTIMATED tuition bill for the 24-25 school year will be on Blackbaud.

What if I applied for Ohio EdChoice? If you have applied for the EdChoice scholarship, your monthly tuition amount will be reduced or eliminated AFTER your scholarship is approved by the state of Ohio. (This process may take up to 3 months!) Any family that received the scholarship and overpaid will be issued a refund from Lake Center. 

Please email [email protected] if you have any questions or concerns.

CHECK OUT will show your lunch fees, select to add to cart and pay.  

Check Out Instructional Video

If you are experiencing technical difficulties with the EduTrak, please call 1-800-934-2621, select option 2 for parent. 


The BlackBaud Tuition & Fees Management software will help improve user experience to manage payment of tuition, operation fees, activity fees. Edutrack will still be used to manage lunch payments.

If you have any questions or comments, please email [email protected].  

LCCS families have three options for how your tuition payment will be deducted from your account:

  1. automatically debiting your credit or debit card, 
  2. automatically debiting your bank account, 
  3. or choose to receive an invoice for each payment that you

If you select to have your credit card or your debit card automatically debited, or to use a checking or savings account, you may choose which due date you would like that debit to occur.

  1. The 1st of the month
  2. The 5th of the month
  3. The 10th of the month
  4. The 15th of the month

 If you opt to receive an invoice for each payment, you only have the option for a 15th day of the month as your due date. You will receive an invoice from Blackboard every month that will be expected to be paid in full by the 15th.

No.  You will need to use Lake Center’s Finance systems separately. 

BlackBaud – payments for tuition, operation fees, activity fees.

Edutrack – payments manage lunch payments.



PowerSchool is Lake Center Christian School’s parent online  portal to help support parent access 24/7 to access Student information. To create an account (as of 8/18/23) you MUST email Director of Educational Technology, Mr. Michael Garwood. He will assist you with a username and password. Email [email protected].

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