God has given us, as believers, a very specific mandate and calling to teach and raise up our children according to His Word. Deuteronomy 11 implores us to fix His words in our hearts and minds, to teach them to our children when we’re at home or going about daily life. This mandate stretches beyond just the role of parents. The responsibility needs to be shared by pastors, teachers, coaches and mentors as well.

When children receive the same message at home, their local church and through Christian Education, those 3 pillars of Christian community build a lasting foundation in a child that stands the test of time. We believe that this is truly the only way that we can raise up our children to know who God is, know who they are and know what it means to love and serve God.

Here at Lake Center, we get the privilege and honor of continuing to solidify those same sacred values and beliefs in children that they may know and love the Lord. We have the freedom to infuse a Biblical worldview into everything we do, say, and teach. And being a Christian school, we highly value Christian education and what it brings to the development of a child. We believe that it is our job to come alongside parents as they are the first teachers of their own children. However, this spiritual foundation is strongest when the local church fulfills the task of creating a community for believers and their families to grow in relationship with God and each other. We need the local church to be able to do what we do as educators. We need you. Below you can find some ways we can help support each other.


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Kingdom Education

by Glen Schultz


Biblical Worldview

by Josh Mulvhill

Resilient Kids

Resilient Kids

by Kathy Koch, PhD


The Five Love Languages

by Gary Chapman and Ross Campbell


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