Ohio Ed Choice Expansion
  • Fill out an application for each student EVERY school year (even renewals). 
  • If your child already qualifies for the John Peterson Scholarship, that child CANNOT receive the EdChoice Scholarship, BUT if you have other children, you  should apply for them.
  • To support LCCS operations – Lake Center Christian School families should submit their application as soon as possible.
  • Use the LCCS Four Step-By Step Guideline for Lake Center’s process below.
  • NEW Process for 24-25 School Year – Complete & Submit Your Application Form BEFORE submitting Income Verification Form, if needed. See LCCS Four Step-By-Step Process below

Please complete the Renewal Form Application for each student.

  • Include a utility bill (dated within the last 90 days) for proof of address that includes a matching service and billing address.
  • Renewal Applications DO NOT require birth certificates.
  • Submit complete forms to Mrs. Tiffany Gentry, LCCS Financial Aid Coordinator at [email protected].

All new first-time applicants must choose  EdChoice-Expansion (Income Based) or Traditional (Failing School Districts) at the top of each child’s application.  Please complete the Request Application

  • Include a utility bill (dated within the last 90 days) for proof of address that includes a matching service and billing address.
  • Provide a COPY of  birth certificates for each child.
  • Submit completed forms to Mrs. Tiffany Gentry, LCCS Financial Aid Coordinator at [email protected].

Great! Please wait to apply until your child(ren) are officially enrolled at Lake Center before starting an Ohio EdChoice application. Admission Director Mrs. Jackie Gilin will give you more information after your enrollment is approved. The school can not submit your scholarship application until you are officially enrolled.

LCCS Four Step-By-Step Process

Step 1: Choose your application (See Boxes Below for application links). Complete and send to LCCS Financial Aid Coordinator, Mrs. Tiffany Gentry at [email protected]

Step 2: Mrs. Tiffany Gentry will submit your application to the State of Ohio. Mrs. Gentry will confirm by email to you that your application has been submitted to the State of Ohio. NOTE:  Your school must submit the application to Ohio EdChoice. YOU CAN NOT submit your application.

Step 3: Income Verification (Use Online Application Process) -PARENT/GUARDIAN RESPONSIBILE TO COMPLETE IF NEEDED. YOU evaluate if YOU need to submit income through your OHID account based on your family scenario. There are two family scenarios that are required to Submit income verification: 

  • If your family is AT or below 200% Federal Poverty Guideline
  • All first time NEW Request Applications

OPTIONAL TO SUBMIT  INCOME VERIFICATION: Families that had a change in income from previous year. You are encouraged to resubmit the Income Verification Form if you had a decline in your income. 

NOTE: If adding a sibling to a student currently on the scholarship, and above 200% poverty level, your income verification form on file will be applied to the sibling’s application.

Step 4: When you receive your Award Notice from the State of Ohio (July or August), please print and sign. Either email a copy to [email protected], or bring it to the Main Office. This copy will be placed in your file. 

Families are still responsible for the LCCS Operations Fees as well as any tuition amount not covered by the scholarship. Past due bills need to be made current before filling out your new school year application. View LCCS Tuition & Fees Information.

Income Verification Online Application Process

Use Online Process to submit your information. NOTE: If you are experiencing issues accessing the EdChoice Income Verification System in OH|ID, you may use this link to access the application system. You will need to have an existing OH|ID account for the link to work.  If you do not have an existing OH|ID, you may create an account and login using the Open My Apps button on the Portal Help page. After you login, under Web Systems, click Application Request. Change the Application to Income Verification in the dropdown box and click submit*. After a moment your screen should reload with access to the Income Verification tile. *If the dropdown box under Membership Requested is blank or does not let you move forward, first request Scholarship under Application and then request Income Verification. 

Helpful Tips for Submitting Income

Still have questions about the process? Lake Center families that need additional assistance with this process can email Financial Aid Coordinator Mrs. Tiffany Gentry at [email protected].

Ohio EdChoice Program Overview

Ohio HB33 makes EVERY K-12 student eligible for an Ohio EdChoice scholarship. There are two types of EdChoice scholarships. Ohio EdChoice Fact Sheet 2024-25.


Your child may be eligible if :

1) they are assigned to attend a state school that is underperforming, or 2) if they reside with a certified foster family.

A Traditional EdChoice Scholarship amount is currently $6,166 for grades K-8 and $8,408 for grades 9-12. EdChoice will pay either the scholarship amount, or the private school’s actual tuition amount, whichever is less. 

Families who qualify for low income status (at or below 200 percent of the 24-25 Federal Poverty Guidelines) do not have to pay any additional tuition that is not covered by the scholarship.

A family at 201% the income status according to 24-25 Federal Poverty Guidelines, will pay the difference.


For 2024-25 award amounts vary based on income and family size. View Ohio EdChoice Expansion Income Eligibility Requirements 24-25

The term “grandfathered” for income verification means that ONLY YOUR PERCENTAGE applied to last year’s application award will remain the same. It DOES NOT mean that you would receive the exact same dollar amount in 24-25. 

No. Only private schools have access to submit your application. If you are making an application for a Lake Center Christian School, you must submit your application with utility bill for proof of address to Mrs. Tfffany Gentry, Financial Aid Coordinator at [email protected]. If you are submitting a NEW application, ALSO bring a copy of each student’s birth certificate.

Only students that have been accepted and enrolled at Lake Center for the next school year can apply for the Ohio EdChoice 
scholarship through the secure online application. First apply for admission at Lake Center Christian School. Contact the Admissions Department at 330-877-2049.

Once a student has been accepted and enrolled, Lake Center’s Financial Aid Coordinator can work with you to submit a scholarship application for your student through the State of Ohio secure online application system.

Yes. The deadline for Lake Center’s SGO scholarships for the School Year 24-25 closed on March 30, 2024. Updates for the 2025-26 school year will be posted at www.lcccs.com/sgo-scholarship.

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