RaiseRight is a fundraising program that allows you to purchase gift cards from national and local retailers. Each gift card purchase earns a designated rebate percentage. The dollars earned as rebates are accumulated in your RaiseRight wallet, waiting to be credited to your family’s FACTS account during the first week of December and the first week of May. Don’t want those dollars to go toward LCCS tuition and fees? No problem! Just contact Mrs. Teri Foster in Lake Center’s Business Office to let her know where you’d like to apply the money you’ve earned.

All gift card orders are placed and paid for online at www.raiseright.com or by using the RaiseRight app.

RaiseRight Questions & Answers

RaiseRight is a gift card program.  It assists families with tuition and other school related costs billed through your family’s FACTS account.

RaiseRight’s website has a great explanation. You can find it here: https://www.raiseright.com/how-it-works/

Yes.  Set up your family account up and accumulate credit before your children are in school.

Yes.   They can setup their own RaiseRight account and have their rebates assigned to your family.  They will need to designate your family in the enrollment process online.  If they order physical gift cards, you will be responsible for getting the cards to them. All physical gift cards ordered for LCCS accounts will ship to our school.

Mrs. Teri Foster in Lake Center’s Business Office can help!

Call or email: 330-877-2049 or [email protected]

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