Independent Studies Program (ISP)

Lake Center Christian School designed the K – 6 Independent Studies Program (ISP) to support homeschooling families with additional resources and opportunities. ISP offers the benefits of a Christian education with a biblical worldview for families who choose not to enroll their students full-time for various reasons, such as pursuit of a more individualized education or specific athletic or fine arts goals, financial limitations and health concerns. 
This unique program blends the benefits of homeschooling with a Christian school. Students in ISP are enrolled at Lake Center Christian but do not attend full-time. Instead, they participate in weekly on-campus instruction that is chosen to supplement their homeschooling curriculum.

The Independent Studies Program follows the mission of Lake Center to assist Christian families and their churches in equipping students for lifelong learning and service to Christ.

ISP - Part-time Student Tuition & Fees

Independent Study Program (K-6) Tuition: $1,720 per year
ISP Operations Fee: $300 | Family Maximum: $3,000 
Multi-Student Discount 2024-25
This discount is only applied to tuition, not the operations fee.
2 Students:  5% [calculate by adding the tuition for both students then multiplying by 0.95]
3 students:  10% [calculate by adding the tuition for your three students then multiplying by 0.90]
4 or more students:15%  [calculate by adding the tuition for all students then multiplying by 0.85]

How Your Investment Supports Our Mission

Tuition: Covers the expenses for academics and spiritual training for your child – faculty and staff salaries, professional development, educational programs and classroom materials.
Operations Fee: Helps provide for the maintenance of facilities, utilities, technology, and things related to the infrastructure of our school.

Director for ISP
Mrs. Jane Harris
 [email protected]

Director of Admissions
Mrs. Jackie Gilin


A family coordinator, who is a licensed teacher experienced in both home education and the classroom, works with you to reach your educational goals.

Some of the benefits of the program include:

Frequently Asked Questions

No, a teaching degree is not required. Parents must have a high school diploma.

Yes, ISP students are enrolled in Lake Center Christian and take a weekly class with other students in ISP but do not attend full-time.

We do not have a specific curriculum you’re required to follow. Through ISP, your family coordinator works with you to choose the one that best suits your family.

Yes. We arrange quarterly field trips for ISP students in grades K through 6.

Standardized testing is available and required for each student in the ISP.

Yes. All ISP students receive quarterly Lake Center grade cards. 

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