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Dominican Republic Mission Trip March 16-23, 2024

LCCS student missionaries are preparing to serve Christ in the Dominican Republic (DR). The 34 students will put the biblical worldview they embrace into practice. Through service and evangelism, they will establish meaningful connections, sharing the hope and redemption available through Christ. The DR Mission Team of junior and senior students and 10 adult chaperones, including LCCS faculty and alumni, will be in impoverished Haitian villages located in the vast sugarcane fields of the DR March 16-23. They will tend to the physical and spiritual needs of the villagers, while boldly communicating their biblical beliefs and convictions. Their service will include light construction work, food distribution, VBS with children, evangelism, prayer, and more.

Seniors returning to the DR said the mission trip encourages a deeper relationship with Christ while recognizing the brokenness of people in other parts of the world. Lake Center partners with Meeting God in Missions (MGM) for short-term mission trips to the DR. To financially support the team, consider donating through MGM. Click to donate! 

Grace to you,
Jeff Knori
Campus Pastor

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"My prayer is that LCCS will raise up a generation of young men and women who love the Lord and pursue Christ with the passion the cross deserves."

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Junior Victoria Wilson,Campus Pastor Mr. Jeff Knori and junior Luke Sommers are part of Lake Center’s mission team traveling to the Dominican Republic March 16-23. The team is seeking financial support to fund their ministry work.
Campus Ministry

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Campus Ministry

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What We Believe

We believe in a Biblical worldview. Students will learn to demonstrate an understanding and discernment of the Bible, the plan of salvation and it’s permeation into daily living and decision making. We teach students to use Biblical worldview to analyze content, to think critically about problems and solutions, and make decisions. 

We want to develop students that are able to engage with and articulate Biblical worldview to believers and non-believers alike. We believe that it’s through this understanding of the Bible that students will grow in their personal relationship with Christ.


At Lake Center, students are prepared in academic disciplines as well as skill in critical thinking and problem-solving. They are taught to be productive, responsible, and dependent on Christ as well as can read, write, speak, and listen with purpose.

Students learn to evaluate, analyze, and communicate the validity of information and it’s relation to Truth. They will be taught to value academic honesty and integrity while pursuing wisdom, knowledge, and understanding as a life practice/pattern.

We want students that after graduation have goals and plans for life beyond and outside of Lake Center.

We teach students to know, understand, and apply Scripture as the authority for establishing priorities for all areas of life. We want them to speak life and understand the power and value of their words.

Students will learn to cultivate a life of faith and love within their families, communities, workplaces as well as developing a desire to glorify God in everything they do, even viewing work as worship to God.

We want students that will practice restorative justice, love mercy, walk justly and exercise a voice in current culture.


Lake Center Christian School Core Values

Education at Lake Center Christian School is realized in several ways. Students are taught to know God through His revealed truth in the person of Jesus Christ as recorded in the Bible, the final authority for faith and life, and through discoverable truth in His creation. Students are encouraged by teachers, who exemplify a life-style of commitment to Christ, to respond to God as the Holy Spirit calls them. Students are guided in glorifying God by developing concepts and skills which will enable them to realize their potential in loving God, in enjoying His world, and in serving others.

Education results in the growth of the whole person. Lake Center Christian School aims to develop the potential of its students through goals for spiritual and moral growth, personal and social growth, intellectual growth, and health and physical growth.

At Lake Center we disciple students to participate in spreading the Gospel and discipling others as well as willingly participate in service opportunities.

We want young men and women who take initiative to improve the lives of others, think globally, and care for God’s creation. They are taught to understand and willingly use spiritual gifts and talents while developing useful skills.

We want them to apply innovative thinking to build and create as well as display servant leadership in the home, church, and workforce display a grateful heart.

We aspire to develop young men and women who understand that all people are created in the image of God. Students are also taught to value people’s differences (i.e. cultural, academic, racial, socioeconomic) treat others with grace, respect, and dignity.

We teach them to value the creativity and talents of others as well as the importance of community and living in unity. We show students how to not only recognize but also deal with prejudice.

We want well-rounded students that appreciate the arts, literature, science, mathematics, and athletics as well as those who excel in and contribute to these areas. 

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