Lake Center Christian School is committed to academic excellence and service to Christ.

Our core values reflect who we are, and we are steadfastly invested in acting on those values each day, both in and out of the classroom.

We work alongside Christian families and their churches, preparing students for college admissions, post-secondary studies and careers. At the same time, we support spiritual growth and the development of Christian character.

Lake Center students have the opportunity to receive a top-tier education at an accredited Christian school, participate in athletics and extracurricular activities and learn more about their faith.

We offer Ohio EdChoice and EdChoice Expansion scholarships, OCEN SGO scholarship, Jon Peterson scholarships for students with IEPs and multiple-child discounts for families with more than one student enrolled.

Our Campus
The school life centers around our beautiful 53-acre campus in Hartville, Ohio. Lake Center Christian is noted for these amenities:


Lake Center Christian School began on Sept. 15, 1947 with 183 Mennonite and Amish students. Over the years, the school grew in enrollment. In 1991, a generous gift of 36 acres of land meant a new building, which eventually came to encompass more grade levels. In 2007, the first high school class graduated from Lake Center Christian.

Today, we offer kindergarten through high school and have an enrollment of over 800 students from over 154 congregations. Lake Center Christian continues to honor its Anabaptist roots and to teach from a biblical worldview.

Our Board of Trustees


Mark Shelly

VICE Chair

Scott Sommers


Sarah Byler


Carrie Kane

Board Member

Stacey Baker


John Diller


Jeff Hersberger


Dan Pittman


Greg Warder

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