Tuition & Fees

Lake Center Christian school has a variable tuition rate based on many factors. We invite all families who are interested in a Christian education at Lake Center to explore the opportunities at Lake Center.

Please do not let tuition be a barrier.

We Offer:​

  • Tuition assistance up to 50% based on family income and circumstances
  • Multi student discounts
  • Ed Choice and Ed Choice Expansion Scholarships
  • Jon Peterson Scholarships for students on IEPs

We offer a multiple student discount. When tuition for a family is determined, monthly billing is arranged.

Lake Center distributes a limited amount of funds each school year to help families who cannot afford the full price of tuition for their child(ren). These funds have been provided by fundraising events, grants, memorials, and donations from individuals who have a desire to see as many children benefit from a Christian education as possible.   

Families interested in assistance must file an application each year.

Young Students in School Cafeteria


Online Application Fee – $25    

New Student Enrollment Fee – $225/student

 Facility Fee – $500 per student ($1,000 family maximum)




(10 installments)

KG – 6th Grade



7th – 8th Grade



9th – 12th Grade




Online Application Fee – $25    

New Student Enrollment Fee – $175/student

 Facility Fee – $500 per student ($1,000 family maximum)




(10 installments)

3 Day

Half Day     $3,130

Full Day     $4,550



5 Day

Half Day     $4,670

Full Day     $5,550



NOTE: Facility fees will be rolled into the monthly tuition installments

Please contact the school for more information regarding the following homeschooling opportunities:

  • Homeschool Enrichment Learning Program (HELP) for 7 – 12th Grade
  • Independent Studies Program (ISP) for KG – 6th Grade $1,280

Lunch Prices

Elementary (Preschool - 6th grade):

$3.30 ($0.40 reduced)*
Daily entrees (any option included in a reimbursable lunch)*

Secondary (7-12th grades):

$3.80 ($0.40 reduced)*
Daily entrees (any option included in a reimbursable lunch)*

*Lake Center Christian School Charging Policy

Lake Center Christian School (LCCS) students may pay by cash or check for their meals. Meals may be paid for the day students are eating their lunch or students may pre-pay for their lunches. LCCS will permit students to charge up to three lunches. When a student reaches the three lunch limit, he or she will be offered an alternative lunch at a reduced cost of $2.00. This lunch will consist of a PB&J uncrustable, fruit, and milk.

Ala carte snacks/items are sold during lunch daily. Students with a negative balance of any amount will not be allowed to charge ala carte items.

Students are responsible for their own lunch money- the food service department will not replace stolen or lost cash. LCCS recommends that your child be given a check to deposit in his/her account in place of cash.

If you have any questions, please contact Kathy Fulk, Food Service Director, at (330) 877-2040. Parents can prepay on their child’s account by going to the students RenWeb account. If you have questions regarding how to apply money, please contact Teri Griffith at the business office.

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