At Lake Center Christian School, we hope to provide a welcoming community where students can expand their academic and spiritual growth.

We believe a Christian school provides a critical foundation, where students learn to seek God’s will in their lives.

You can read more about what we believe here.

We offer a Christ-centered focus on all areas of student growth: academic, spiritual and athletic. If you’re interested in a private, Christian school for your child or children, we’d like to share what some of our parents, students and former students have to say about LCCS.

Spiritual Life

With a Christian education, all classes are taught from a Biblical worldview. Spirituality is part of the school day and woven into how we approach life’s challenges and choices. Hear what parents of new students has to say about the spiritual encouragement at LCCS.

Fisher Family

Becoming a part of the Lake Center Christian School family has been a true blessing and answer to prayer. Moving a junior high school student and a senior high school student from a large public school to a private Christian school, well after a school year has begun, can be a disconcerting experience. However, our children have been accepted, loved, and academically challenged in the short time they have been part of LCCS. We are truly thankful for the kindness and genuine warm welcome shown to us by both staff and students.

- Mike & Kelli Fisher, with their children Ethan & Peyton


LCCS strives to provide a top-tier education that prepares students for post-secondary studies and careers. We’re proud of our students’ 100 percent acceptance rate into the college or university of their choice.


Katie McGuire & Jennifer Barber

Advanced coursework in science and math allowed me to excel in my major (geology). Dual enrollment classes allowed me to graduate from college a semester early and get on the job market sooner.

- LCCS Alumni Katie (Meyer) McGuire (2015) Applications and Systems Support Specialist for Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District


At LCCS, we support students’ athletic pursuits with robust programs and competitive opportunities, while never losing sight of the importance of good sportsmanship and character. Our school has received acclaim for excellent athletic facilities, and we offer a wide range of sports, competing within the Portage Trail Conference.

LCCS Tigers

The athletics at Lake Center are a wonderful opportunity for our children to grow physically and spiritually. The coaches are thoughtful and engaging, making certain each team member is living up to their full potential, and creating a team environment conducive to bonding.

A current parent, Mrs. Susan Strudthoff

More Testimonials

Read some more testimonials about LCCS from people who know it best.

“Having a Christian education is one of the most valuable resources while shaping your character at a young age.”
Lauren Penvose,
2015 LCCS Alumni
ER/ICU Registered Nurse in Missoula, Montana
“Many of my classes at Lake Center gave me a foundation for critical thinking skills. The classes and extra-curriculars I participated in taught me to persevere when something is challenging or discouraging. [Lake Center] provides opportunities for growth in students, not just academically, but also in their God-given gifts and abilities such as music, theater, leadership, and athletics.”
Megan Roberts
2015 LCCS Alumni
Registered Nurse Pediatric Intensive Care Unit Akron Children’s Hospital
“Problems are only opportunities in work clothes. My high school days were a time in which I learned that hardships and mistakes are not bad, per se, if you are able to learn something from them.”
Wade Kyser,
2015 LCCS Alumni
Area Manager for Amazon
"I have 8 great grandchildren at the school, Isabel, Patrick and Nicole Miller, Dyland and Lauren Schrock, Emily and Nathan Miller, Olivia Miller. A granddaughter, Stephanie Miller who teaches 2nd grade, My daughter Barbara and Jerry Miller work at Lake Center! LCCS is a great school. My prayers are with you!"
Irene Diller
Parent, Grandparent, and Great-Grandparent
“Our family chose LCCS because of its dedication and commitment to Biblical Worldview. Because of this commitment, Xander has not only been able to know Jesus as his personal Lord and Savior, but he has also grown to depend on the Lord no matter his circumstance. Xander has been surrounded by teachers who are mentors and models for Christ, and who he knows value him as a student and as a child of God. What LCCS has invested in Xander's spirit and mind will see him through this ever-changing world because he has learned Truth and this Truth has become his anchor in life. We are so thankful for a body of Believers that focuses on "Kingdom Things," and look forward to Xander furthering the Kingdom as he continues to serve Christ throughout his life.”
Anna Formica,
Parent of an 8th Grade Student
“I realized the value of my education when I started college because not only did I have a firm foundation in Christ, but I was also ahead of my peers academically.”
Allison Erisey,
2016 LCCS Alumni
Area Manager for Amazon

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