Superintendent Announcement Regarding 2020-2021 School Year

When school begins in the Fall for the 2020-2021 school year, Lake Center Christian School is continuing to prepare for when our students will return to our campus. We maintain a commitment to do so safely for our students and staff under the guidelines that we may receive from the Governor, the Health Department, and Ohio Department of Education. 

The initial recommendations we are receiving from the Ohio Department of Education indicate an emphasis on local decision making concerning opening school for next year.

No doubt you will hear from other sources, media announcements, and your neighbors, information about the opening of schools for next year.  The uncertainty of the times may cause some to make incorrect conclusions. 

We have a passion to serve our students and families. We ask for your fervent prayers for our leadership team as we make decisions that will fulfill our mission, will honor our intent to return to school, and will fit within the finalized guidance that will be provided to us later this Spring/early Summer.

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