LAKE CENTER CHRISTIAN SCHOOL High School Art Club Students Mural for the 2020-2021 School Year

Hartville, Ohio   May 5, 2021: 


Teacher:  Mrs. Stauffer


We will follow the LCCS tradition of replicating a painting from history.  A team of high school Art Club  students will paint Piet Modrian by Joaquin Torres-Garcia.  The constructed canvas panel measures 5’4”L  x  8’W (or 64” x 96”).  Our goal is to copy the work of Torres-Garcia as accurately as possible, using acrylic paint.  This will be our art club project from the end of February through April.


Joaquín Torres-García was born in Montevideo, Uruguay, on July 28, 1874.  Although he is considered the father of Latin American Constructivism, he spent over 40 years of his life in the United States and Europe. Due to financial difficulties, his father moved the family to his homeland of Catalonia, Spain, in June 1891. It was there, in the town of Mataró, that Torres-García studied drawing at the Escuela municipal de artes y oficios de Mataró and painting under the artist Josep Vinardell.   Torres-Garcia continued to develop his work and lead the art world with innovative thinking and efforts to move the constructivist movement forward.  He has been celebrated in museums around the world.  The Museo Torres Garcia in Montevideo houses a comprehensive collection of his work.

Joaquín Torres-García, Piet Modrian

Uruguayan, 1874–1949


Verse:  Matthew 4:19   “Come, follow me,” Jesus said, “and I will send you out to fish for people.”


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