Lake Center Christian School Kindergarten 2023-2024 Registration

Students Thrive in a Christ-Centered, Developmentally Appropriate Kindergarten Lake Center now enrolling for 2023-24 school year

By: Emily Chesnic, Campus Communications & Volunteer Coordinator

HARTVILLE –Ender Miller is a kindergarten student at Lake Center Christian School in Hartville. He is growing every day –  physically, emotionally, academically, socially, and also spiritually, says his mom, Mrs. Christine Miller.

 “The spiritual aspect has had a huge impact on Ender and our family. Hearing him come home singing worship songs from chapel every Friday, and repeating the truth of the Bible from lessons he has learned that day have been invaluable,” she said. “What a gift for our son to be encouraged in Christ while at school.”

Lake Center is dedicated to helping each kindergarten student develop into who God created him or her to be. Education at LCCS results in the growth of the whole child.

Christian Education Partnership

When it came time to explore kindergarten options, Mrs. Miller and her husband, Mr. Cory Miller, compared homeschooling and public and private education. They concluded it was most important to be engaged as a family in a school of sound doctrine, aligning with their biblical beliefs.

The Millers are thankful they chose to partner with Lake Center for Ender’s Christian education. Lake Center Christian School, a private, K-12 campus, exists to assist Christian families and their churches in equipping students for lifelong learning and service to Christ. 

Mr. Miller attended Lake Center prior to the school adding the senior high. He looked forward to showing his wife LCCS’s expanding, 50-acre campus on Kaufman Road.

Upon walking into Lake Center’s kindergarten classrooms, the Millers recognized it was the atmosphere they were seeking for their child – a nurturing kindergarten program for learning, socializing, and cultivating a relationship with God.

“When we took the tour, we just loved the environment Ender would be in on a daily basis,” said Mrs. Miller. “What was being taught was a huge factor we considered when choosing a school for our son. We loved that he would be surrounded by teachers who are eager to teach academics and the Bible and instill the love of Christ.”

Biblical Worldview in Kindergarten

“From the first day of school on, our kindergarten teachers at LCCS integrate the Bible into every class, teaching children to see things from God’s perspective and using situations for Christian character building,” said Elementary Principal Mrs. Dannon Stock. 

Kindergarten students at Lake Center hear Bible stories, spend time in prayer, attend weekly chapels, memorize scripture verses, sing worship music, and seek to serve Christ. Students are challenged to realize who they are in Christ, understand the power of their words, practice forgiveness, learn to show respect, display love for others, and exercise responsibility.

Lake Center’s kindergarten teachers, Mrs. Sandra Amann, Mrs. Nancy Swanson, and Mr. Nathan Smith, spur on a child’s development through motor skill-building, hands-on discovery, research and reasoning, and imagination activities, all while fostering a Biblical worldview. 

The teachers at LCCS are certified through the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) in addition to being licensed by the state of Ohio, ensuring “not only a deep understanding of the Bible but a fruitful application of The Word in their lives,” said LCCS Superintendent Dr. Joseph Beeson. 

Lake Center’s K-12th grade is accredited by ACSI and Cognia, a reflection of its continued commitment to educational and spiritual excellence.

LCCS Kindergarten allows them to still be little while growing up. Lake Center kindergarten eases them into some of the bigger things about school.”

Developmentally Appropriate Kindergarten 

Mrs. Stock said kindergarten at LCCS is a developmentally appropriate learning environment that values diversity, knowing each child is created by God and has abilities unique to him or her. 

“At Lake Center, children learn to love school and are not rushed along. We work with each student where he or she is at, allowing them to develop over the course of the school year,” she said. 

Lake Center also provides differentiated instruction to meet individual needs, and students have physical education, music, art, and library time every week. 

Mrs. Miller appreciates  kindergartners at Lake Center Christian School are given plenty of opportunities throughout the day to move around and interact with peers.

“Lake Center puts a lot of importance on kindergarteners learning through play. I love the extra recess outside, too,” said Mrs. Miller. “LCCS Kindergarten allows them to still be little while growing up. Lake Center kindergarten eases them into some of the bigger things about school.”

To help provide lasting academic and developmental benefits, Lake Center’s student-to-teacher ratio for kindergarten is lower than the Ohio Department of Education’s requirement to have one faculty member per 25 students in a classroom, said Mrs. Stock. Lake Center’s large kindergarten classrooms – which take up to 25 students each – have a 1-to-13 student-to-teacher ratio. Each classroom also has a kindergarten teacher aide. 

Parental Involvement

Kindergarten parents are encouraged to become active at Lake Center. They are invited to attend weekly chapel and special activities and serve as LCCS volunteers. Mrs. Miller has felt blessed to serve this year as a volunteer for Ender’s teacher, Mrs. Swanson.

“The relationships with other families and faculty just felt like they came natural, whether it was from volunteering, attending school events, or being in the classroom,” said Mrs. Miller. “We love the Lake Center community.”

Kindergarten 2023-24 Enrollment

Lake Center Christian School is now enrolling students for the 2023-24 school year and offers variable tuition rates and financial aid options to help families afford a Christian education. Children enrolling for kindergarten must turn 5 on or before Aug. 1, 2023.

Those who would like to learn more about Lake Center’s kindergarten program and schedule a private campus tour should contact LCCS Director of Admissions, Jackie Gilin, at (330) 877-2049 or [email protected]. Families that tour Lake Center by Feb. 28, and make an application by March 11, will receive a $100 enrollment fee credit. You can also learn more at

Above: Lake Center Kindergarten Teacher Mrs. Nancy Swanson provides student Ender Miller with instructions for a small group activity in the classroom.

Photograph By Emily Chesnic

Above: Mr. and Mrs. Cory and Christine Miller selected Lake Center Christian School as their family’s partner for Christian Education. Their son, Ender, is a kindergarten at Lake Center this year. Mr. and Mrs. Miller also are the parents of Oakely, 2, and Autumn, 6 months.

Photograph Provided by The Miller Family

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