ReOpening Plan FAQs

In response to the governor’s latest order, ALL students in grades Pre-Kindergarten – 12 will be required to wear mask/face coverings.

    1. No – parents will be expected to provide appropriate masks for their child(ren). 
    2. Masks with logos must conform to dress code standards.
    3. Face shields may be worn in lieu of cloth masks. The school reserves the right to determine if what the student wears meets minimum standards (covers mouth and nose).
    4. For students in GRADE 3 – face coverings are required, but the school will provide face-shields as face coverings for these students to enable the teacher to better understand reading/phonics sounds. Use of these provided face shields will NOT be required, but students in Grade 3 must still wear masks, OR use the face shields provided. (updated 7/30/20)

The school will have extra disposable masks available.

Yes – there will be breaks during the day that students can remove their masks. (Updated 7/30/20)

The Ohio department of Health indicates the following do not have to wear masks:

  • Those with a medical condition including those with respiratory conditions that restrict breathing.
  • Those with disabilities that would contraindicate the wearing of a facial covering.
  • Those actively engaged in exercise in gym so long as social distancing exists.
  • Those actively participating in athletic practice, scrimmage or competition. (7/31/2020)

Yes – students will be able to remove their masks while eating lunch. (7/31/20)

No, but efforts will be made to encourage non-contact play.

    1. Is the Temporary Remote Attendance program (TRA) the same as an online option?
      1. Basically yes – but this will be much different and more structured than the online option used last spring.
    2. Why not just call it “online academy” or “online school?”
      1. Lake Center wants to be sure that parents are aware that our desire is to return to regular classroom person-to-person instruction as soon as we can. We truly want this to be a temporary program.
    3. Will tuition be the same for Temporary Remote Attendance?
      1. Yes – the same teachers and curriculum will be used for this program.
      2. The Operation Fee will also remain unchanged due to the cost of starting and operating an additional program.
    4. Can I sign up for Temporary Remote Attendance any time I want?
      1. No – those who desire this program must sign up by Friday, August 14th. Please complete this form if you desire to transfer your child into Lake Center’s Temporary Remote Attendance program. 
      2. BUT, this program will also be available with administrative approval for students on extended absences due to COVID-19.
    5. Will the school provide the device my student will need to get online for the Temporary Remote Attendance program?
      1. Yes – but the school recommends use of your own device.
    6. Do I have to have internet access to participate in the Temporary Remote Attendance program?
      1. Yes – if you do not have internet access you cannot participate in this program.
    7. Will I still be able to participate in athletics if I do the remote attendance option?
      1. Yes. 
      2. The classes will be graded so students must still maintain the necessary eligibility requirements to participate in athletics.
    8. What will be the attendance requirements for the temporary remote attendance program?
      1. Students will need to be on their computers every school day to meet the requirements of their courses. 
      2. Specific log-on requirements will be provided to registered participants after August 14th.
    9. What about CCP and Career Center attendance?
      1. Students can attend LCCS CCP classes through the Temporary Remote Attendance program just like their other high school classes at LCCS.
      2. Students should follow the guidelines of the university for their off campus CCP classes
      3. Students enrolled in PLCC should follow PLCC’s guidelines for attendance.
    10. How long will this program last?
      1. Our goal is for one quarter, so we will have parents sign up one quarter at a time.
    11. Do I have to teach my child?
      1. Our expectation is for our teachers to provide instruction for the students either through “real time” video or through recorded videos.
      2. We will also have our teachers assessing student work.
      3. Since the remote teacher is not actually there, someone at home would be required to assure the child is on task.
    12. How much time will this take?
      1. For Secondary students, Temporary Remote Attendance will mirror a normal school day. Classes will take place during the normal 8:00 am – 2:40 pm school day schedule. There will be breaks scheduled throughout the day for lunch time, homework, or review.
      2. Depending on the age of the elementary students, we will still encourage using limited screen time to view the lesson or demonstration, then allow students time to work away from the computer.
  1. The Independent Studies Program (ISP) is an option for those parents in elementary who are not comfortable sending their children to the regular classroom five days per week. 
    1. The first day of school for Grades 1-12 is CHANGED to Tuesday, August 25, 2020. The extra days are needed to prepare our school, faculty, and staff for the changes we are experiencing.
    2. First official day for Kindergarten will be Wednesday, August 26th
    3. First official day for Pre-K will be Monday, August 31, 2020. Pre-Kindergarten Orientation will be August 26th -28th and will be individually scheduled with each family.
    4. The calendar remains under review and flexibility may be needed if additional teacher professional development is needed.

As a result of the school start change, our back to school night has been changed to Friday, August 21, 2020. We will follow the same format and schedule as previously communicated. Students and parents must wear face coverings/masks.  Families will be allowed to enter the building and classroom to drop off supplies based on the alphabetical schedule as follows:

          A-F            4:30 – 5:00 PM

          G-L            5:00 – 5:30 PM

         M-R            5:30 – 6:00 PM

         S-Z             6:00 – 6:30 PM

         Last Call    6:30 – 7:00 PM

Kindergarten teachers will be stationed outside to answer your questions and meet new parents.

Elementary students and their parents may view class lists during this time.  Lists will be posted outside each classroom.  

High School students will find a copy of their Fall 2020 schedule in their FACTS Family Portal account.  High school students may set up their lockers during this time but may not linger after their appointed time.  Locker assignments will be posted by the lockers. 

Here is the school supply lists for your reference. 

Yes, we plan to allow students plenty of recess and as much outdoor time as we can work into the schedule.

    1. No, for grades K-12 
      1.  Kindergarten – First day of school .  Parents may park, sign in, wear a mask, pass a temperature check, and walk their kindergarten student ONLY  to his/her class. Other students must be dropped off at door 10. 
      2. Pre-kindergarten students arriving with their parents should enter door #1. Parents who enter with the child must have a face mask, and pass a temperature check.
    1. Yes, we encourage all parents who think they may benefit from this to complete the application in the summer mailing.
    2. Lunches that are served to the students will meet the requirements for qualifying as a “free and reduced lunch.”
    1. Over the past number of years our growth has made dismissal very difficult and we are concerned with the number of students standing and waiting so close to the traffic flow.
    2. For the safety of all our students, it is important that we have a record of who is getting picked up by whom.
    3. Traffic Procedure and Map Information
    1. Shortly before school starts. 
    2. All parents (or others who will be picking up your child) will need a smartphone for the “PikMyKid” app.
    3. Here is a video to watch about “PikMyKid”
    4. Traffic Procedure and Map Information
    1. No, the current health department guidelines are that if the symptoms go away after 48 hours the student should return. If symptoms persist, you should see your doctor and request a COVID-19 test.
    2. Please note – during this pandemic, these guidelines are subject to change.
    3. DO NOT send your child to school if they are showing any of the symptoms listed in the Return to School Plan 2020-2021.
    1. LCCS is a member of the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI).  ACSI recommended including a Release and Waiver of Liability due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Of course, LCCS cannot guarantee that a student will not contract COVID-19 during the school year even though LCCS will make every effort to protect the students.  Parents must assess the risk to their students in light of the precautions we are taking.  The Release and Waiver simply helps parents think through the risks they are assuming and places those risks on the parents instead of the school.  Parents must sign the document for their children to attend LCCS.  This release is very similar to the kind of Release you sign when your children go on activities to trampoline venues, paintball, etc.
    2. Yes, the “Release of Liability” form is required to be signed like all the other forms parents sign to return to school. Please use this link to sign the waiver for the Reopening plan.  If you need further assistance, please contact, 330-877-2049. (7-27-20)

Please email that are not addressed here on the FAQ page.

We encourage you to email or give us a call at 330.877.2049. We will be happy to answer your questions

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