LCCS Digital Photography Courses are bringing Creativity to Life

Senior high students learning new art form, broadening future opportunities

By Emily Chesnic, Campus Communications and Volunteer Coordinator

Digital Photography courses help Lake Center Christian School senior high students discover a new passion and develop valuable life skills,  while earning course credits and working toward a fine arts letter and Ohio’s Technology Seal on their diploma.

Lake Center’s Digital Photography 1 and Digital Photography 2 classes are part of the fine arts program and incorporate a Biblical worldview to analyze content, think critically about problems, and make decisions while capturing, editing, and presenting images. 

Mrs. Adrienne Zwart, the Senior High Digital Photography Teacher, said the class inspires students to capture the beauty of God’s creation while celebrating the God-designed creativity of humanity. She states, “Creating is something we are hardwired to do,”  referencing Genesis 1:27a, “So God created mankind in his image, in the image of God he created them.”

Current students are growing in Christian character through Digital Photography classes. 

“The courses teach us not to give up if we are not getting the desired results at the moment, and that perseverance is essential in photography and in anything we pursue in life,” said Digital Photography 2 student, Sophomore Charley Collins, citing Galatians 6:9, “Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time, we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.”

Digital Photography Advances Artistic Abilities

Lake Center’s Digital Photography 1 is an introductory course on the art and science behind photography. It aims to help students unlock their artistic vision and create purposeful photos. During the course, students learn the digital camera mechanics and settings, including ISO; and the function of the varying modes and shutter speeds to take dynamic photos. They utilize digital editing computer programs to achieve memorable images.

Digital Photography 2 is designed for students who have completed Digital Photography 1 and want to refine and expand their skills. The course emphasizes a more personal approach to photography, encouraging students to explore their style and aesthetic while challenging them to improve both technically and compositionally. Mrs. Zwart assigns open-ended projects that allow students to develop a body of work. 

Collins enjoys using a school-issued digital camera to produce original, photographically-based artwork. Students in this class create a journal detailing their progress as a photographer and a professional portfolio to exhibit their best work.

Photography Courses Prepare Students for Future

Mrs. Zwart said Digital Photography 1 and Digital Photography 2 are highly beneficial classes for LCCS students who are interested in pursuing higher education in fields like marketing, journalism, technology, or graphic design. She said her students also could consider a career in professional photography. 

Photography 2 students have the opportunity to learn from professionals who give specific tips based on their interests and future goals through video presentations. This includes guidance on capturing action shots at sporting events and still objects such as automobiles.

Mrs. Zwart encourages her students’ continuous advancement in photography, reminding them that being a creative professional can be a calling and part of God’s plan for their lives. 

Lake Center’s Digital Photography students learn visual storytelling by practicing with a camera in hand in various settings, including at school sponsored events.

Varsity letters are awarded to Lake Center senior high students who accumulate three total points in fine arts. Students working toward a fine arts letter can earn a half point per semester while taking Digital Photography I and Digital Photography 2. Students taking Photography 2 also earn .5 credit towards the state diploma seal for technology. 

Photography students said the classes are strengthening their interpersonal skills. Photography can be a big step out of one’s comfort zone, especially when taking portraits or pictures at an activity, said Collins.

“The Digital Photography classes teach students to confidently communicate their ideas and execute them, which is useful in art and beyond, ” she said. 

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