Lake Center Christian School Graduates Leaders to Live for Christ

Class of 2022 Recognized for Christian Service, Character, Academic & Extracurricular accomplishments

By: Emily Chesnic, Campus Communications & Volunteer Coordinator

HARTVILLE – On Saturday, May 21, 39 Lake Center Christian school (LCCS) seniors arrived before 7 p.m. at Maranatha Bible Church for commencement exercises, later departing as LCCS graduates equipped academically and biblically for the future.
Members of the LCCS Class of 2022 were recognized for their scholastic excellence and extracurricular achievements, in addition to their strong Christian character and continuous service to Christ.
“It is my distinct honor to stand before you today as principal of Lake Center Christian School to celebrate your accomplishments both in and out of the classroom,” Lake Center Christian School Secondary Principal Mrs.Crystal Maarschalk said at the start of the graduation ceremony, addressing the Class of 2022. “We want to recognize and celebrate who you are as spiritual leaders, as well as recognized leaders at the state and national level.”
LCCS Living Stone Award Honors Christian Character
During the ceremony, Lake Center Christian School Campus Pastor, Mr. Jeff Knori presented “The Living Stone Award,” an honor special to Lake Center, to two of those leaders. He said, “The Living Stone Award is a highly prestigious award recognizing a senior girl and boy who exemplify a lifestyle that not only brings glory to God, but also is a model of excellence worthy of others imitating.” Accompanying the award this year: a scholarship sponsored by Yoder Bontrager Insurance.

“In presenting such an award we are not indicating that these students have fully arrived in their spiritual journey or that they are perfect. Rather, we recognize their desire and devotion to live each moment for the cause of Christ,” said Mr. Knori.

The name, “The Living Stone Award,” was inspired by 1 Peter 2:5-6: “You also, like living stones, are being built into a spiritual house to be a holy priesthood, offering spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ, he said. In scripture it says: “See, I lay a stone in Zion, a chosen and precious cornerstone, and the one who trusts in Him will never be put to shame.”

Mr. Knori said the female recipient of the honor, Hayley Hulse, is “honest, trustworthy, and her walk with Jesus is very evident in her daily life. She has been a leader in chapels, the classroom, and in athletics, and mentors younger students in elementary, encouraging students to do the right thing. She takes advantage of service opportunities as they come and does so with a cheerful, joyous heart.”

Mr Knori said the male recipient of “The Living Stone Award,” Christopher Kline, “exhibits Christ-like characteristics of kindness and goodness. He is firm in his convictions. He consistently shows leadership by example, leading with strength and dignity. His ability to connect with others and demonstrate God’s love through his words and actions lift others up throughout the school year. He is dedicated to serving Christ on a daily basis.”
Academic Excellence: A Core Value at LCCS
During graduation, Mrs. Maarschalk recognized 24 graduates chosen by Lake Center administration and faculty for the honor of “Distinguished Christian High School Student,” a designation through the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) to recognize outstanding achievements in one or more categories of Academics, Athletics, Christian Service, Fine Arts, and Leadership. The “Distinguished” graduates recognized were: Benjamin Ablaev, Sydney Berry, Ethan Bower, Benjamin Carlson, Madoc Fether, Thomas Fulk, Julia Garaux, Aidan Green, Hayley Hulse, Jessica Ickes, Kendall Kauffman, Leah Klein, Christopher Kline, Kloe Maninga, Nicole Miller, Lydia Mooney, Madison Osborne, Marissa Serpico, Sophia Sommers, Ryan Stuthard, Mogan Swartzentruber, Allison Underwood, Anthony Williamson, and Medgine Wojton.
She also applauded the graduates receiving “Academic Diplomas with Honors,” awarded by the State of Ohio to students meeting academic, grade point average, and ACT/SAT test score requirements. Eighteen graduates who earned a special designation diploma included:Benjamin Carlson, Julia Garaux, Aidan Green, Jessica Ickes, Alexander Joseph, Kendall Kauffman, Andrew King, Leah Klein, Christopher Kline, Paige Marrah, Nicole Miller, Madison Osborne, Spencer Plum, Sophia Sommers, Emmeline Stoltzfus, Morgan Swartzentruber, Allison Underwood, and Madison Wagner.

Additionally, Aidan Green and Kloe Maninga were awarded “The Ohio High School Athletic Association Scholar Athlete Award” for their high grade point average and four or more varsity letters; Kendall Kauffman and Nicole Miller, “The Ohio High School Athletic Association Award of Excellence” for their exemplary display of sportsmanship, ethics, and integrity; and Natan Underation, “The Ohio High School Athletic Association Courageous Student Award” for overcoming an extraordinary situation while displaying tremendous courage.

Scholarship Awards & Service To Christ
During the graduation, it was announced Hartville’s HRM Enterprises awarded the Hartville MarketPlace Leadership Scholarship to Jessica Ickes; the Hartville Kitchen Academic Excellence Scholarship to Leah Klein; and the Hartville Hardware Service Ministries Scholarship to Madison Osborne. The Aultcare Scholarship was awarded to Aidan Green. The Lake Center Fine Arts Booster Scholarship was awarded to Christopher Kline. Mr. Shane Byler, Athletic Director. presented the LCCS Blue & Gold Athletic Booster Club Scholarships to Nicole Miller and Anthony Williamson.

Together, the LCCS graduates – 44% of them starting at Lake Center Christian School as kindergarten students in 2009 – clocked thousands of hours serving Christ and others during high school, as many of the graduates were active members of the National Honor Society, and received more than $1.2 million combined in scholarships to college and universities, with additional scholarship awards and grants still being received.

At the graduation, Dr. Joseph Beeson, Lake Center Chritian School’s Superintendent, welcomed class valedictorian Sophia Sommers, and salutatorian Leah Klein to the podium to offer reflections and encouraging words to their classmates. He also introduced career educator Denver Daniel, President of Open Door Christian Church in Elyria, who provided the commencement address.

Mrs. Maarschalk said each of the LCCS Class of 2022 graduates will further their careers at a wide variety of colleges, universities, on the mission field, or in the world of work. At the time of graduation, 70 percent of the 2022 graduates were enrolled in a college or university for the fall, with 30 percent choosing to further their education at a Christian institution for higher learning.
The following are all the graduates of the Lake Center Christian School Class of 2022: Sophia Mae Sommers (Valedictorian); Leah Faith Klein (Salutatorian); Benjamin Timothy Ablaev; Sydney Michelle Berry; Ethan Daniel Bower; Benjamin Matthias Carlson; Alaina Vera Clark; Natalie Nadya Clark; Madoc John Fether; Thomas Russell Fulk III; Julia Taylor Garaux; Aidan Matthew Green; Hayley Jacqueline Hulse; Jessica Marie Ickes; Alexander Michael Joseph; Meredith Grace Karmie; Kendall Eric Kauffman; Andrew Christopher King; Christopher Paul Kline; Natasha V. Lyogky; Kloë Marie Maninga;Paige Elizabeth Marrah; Ronni Marie McNeal; Rebecca Nicole Miller; Lydia Grace Mooney; Madison Raelynn Osborne; Spencer Douglas Plum; Marissa Lexi Serpico; Kaydri Leann Sommers; Emma Kaitlyn Stalter; Emmeline Grace Stolzfus; Ryan Andrew Stuthard; Morgan Nicole Swartzentruber; Nathan Paul Underation; Allison Joy Underwood; Madison Elizabeth Wagner; Anthony Robert Williamson; Medgine Cenat Wojton; and Kiara Dawn Zook.

In photo: Lake Center Christian School Class of 2022 on May 21, their graduation day.

In photo: Class Valedictorian Sophia Sommers of Lake Center’s Class of 2022 gives her address at the May 21 graduation ceremony.

In photo: Lake Center Class of 2022 graduate Leah Klein addresses her fellow graduates during the May 21 graduation. Klein was the class Salutatorian.

In photo: Lake Center Christian School Campus Pastor Mr. Jeff Knori presents graduate Hayley Hulse with “The Living Stone Award” for her exemplary Christian character and service to Christ.

In photo: Mr. Jeff Knori, Lake Center Campus Pastor, pauses with graduate Christopher Kline, who was just announced the male recipient of “The Living Stone Award” for his dedication to the cause of Christ.

Photos courtesy of Inter-State Studio

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