National Contest Enriches Lake Center Students’ Math Experiences

LCCS Elementary Students Recognized for Mathematical Achievements

By: Emily Chesnic, Campus Communications & Volunteer Coordinator

HARTVILLE – Some Lake Center Christian School (LCCS) students recently sharpened their critical thinking and problem-solving skills, working through complex mathematical questions as part of the Noetic Learning Math Contest (NLMC). 

Gifted Intervention Coordinator Mrs. Jennifer Neel said Lake Center students were selected to take part in the NLMC based on teacher recommendation and their participation in the Art of Problem Solving Beast Academy, a global leader in advanced K-12 math education curriculum.

More than 35,000 students, nationwide, participated in this year’s record-breaking contest.

During the NLMC, students were given 45 minutes to solve 20 creative, arithmetic problems independently, without a calculator, completing them with much determination, she said.  

“We congratulate these students for their perseverance and grit as they worked through extremely challenging problems,” said Mrs. Neel.

LCCS Students Excel in Mathematics

Lake Center students were honored for their NLMC achievements at a reception on campus.

Students who participated in the contest had the opportunity to earn a Team Winner Medal (one per LCCS grade-level), a National Honor Roll Medal (top 10 percent of the nation), and could also earn National Honorable Mention Ribbons (top 50 percent of the nation).

We congratulate these students for their perseverance and grit as they worked through extremely challenging problems.”

The results are as follows:

3rd Grade  (18 participants):

  • Team Winner & National Honor Roll: Lillian Farage
  • National Honorable Mention: Henry Austin, Sadie Byler, Joel Francisco, Phoenix Freeman, Malachi Helmick, Raef Linville, Noah Marroquin, Liam Maust, Jude Pancher

4th Grade  (17 participants):

  • Team Winner & National Honorable Mention: Hunter Greetham
  • National Honorable Mention: Eli Adkins, Ethan Mong, Felip Legky, Thomas Triemstra

5th Grade (15 participants):

  • Team Co-Winner & National Honorable Mention (tie): Josiah Jacquet & Jaden Franke
  • National Honorable Mention: Gabriel Hersman

6th Grade  (17 participants):

  • Team Winner & National Honorable Mention: Caroline Shelly
  • National Honorable Mention: Adelyn Shelley, Alexa Donatelli, Colton Roberts, Eliana Walker, Elizabeth Francisco

A Math Contest with Purpose

Lake Center Christian School values diversity, appreciating the arts, literature, science, mathematics, and athletics as well as those who excel in and contribute to these areas.

A goal of the NLMC is to take a group of elementary students already interested in math and inspire them to further develop into strong mathematicians. The NLMC conveys the message, “it is cool to be good at math.” 

In a study of elementary school students, researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine found that having a positive attitude about math was connected to better function of the hippocampus, an important memory center in the brain.

Through contest participation, the LCCS 3-6th grade students grew more confident to use their God-given mathematical abilities for His glory, as children, and in the future, as adults.

Lake Center, a K-12 private Christian school, values academic excellence, seeking to prepare students in academic disciplines and encouraging them to pursue knowledge as a life pattern. Education at Lake Center results in learners who can evaluate, analyze, and communicate the validity of information, including its relation to biblical truth. “Teach me your way, Lord, that I may rely on your faithfulness; give me an undivided heart, that I may fear your name.” Psalm 86:11

Gifted and Talented Education at Lake Center

Lake Center Christian School seeks to enrich a student’s learning experiences, recognizing that some children need additional challenges as they continue their education. LCCS offers Gifted And Talented Education (GATE), an enrichment program to meet the needs of students in grades 3-12 who have been identified as cognitively gifted or gifted in a specific academic area.

Above: Noetic Learning Math Contest Nationally Recognized LCCS 3rd Grade Students

Above: Noetic Learning Math Contest Nationally Recognized LCCS 4th Grade Students

Above: Noetic Learning Math Contest Nationally Recognized LCCS 5th Grade Students

Above: Noetic Learning Math Contest Nationally Recognized LCCS 6th Grade Students

Photographs By: Emily Chesnic

Above: Mr. and Mrs. Cory and Christine Miller selected Lake Center Christian School as their family’s partner for Christian Education. Their son, Ender, is a kindergarten at Lake Center this year. Mr. and Mrs. Miller also are the parents of Oakely, 2, and Autumn, 6 months.

Photograph Provided by The Miller Family

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