Special Speaker (Mrs. Sarah Keene, Elementary School Counselor)

  • Parenting Your Kids Through Their Emotions Presentation Mrs. Keene shared practical ways to help our children walk through difficult moments and ways we as parents can encourage them to really get to the heart of their emotions. Contact Mrs. Keene for presentation notes or schedule a time to visit with her if you’d like to hear more. 

Elementary Update (Dannon Stock, Elementary Principle)

  • Matthew 25 Challenge Just completed and was successful in teaching the students that they can make a difference in the lives of others no matter their age. 
  • Kindness Month (February) Focusing on showing kindness to peers all month rather than focusing on showing love for one day this month. 
  • Right To Read March 2nd, and will be celebrated the week of March 11th
  • Testing Pray for the students not to be anxious during this time 
  • Global Run for Water Friday, May 11th with May 13th as rain date 
  • 6th Grade return to Beulah Beach 
  • Spring Concerts To celebrate Christ throughout the year! Especially at the time of His Resurrection 
  • 6th Grade Commissioning Ceremony A time of encouragement and prayer as they enter their next phase of life. 
  • Enrollment 2nd and 3rd grade classes added next year. We are at capacity at LCCS and enrollment continues to rise! Praise the Lord for His leading families to Lake Center!

Elementary PTF News (Kara Kirkpatrick, Elementary PTF Representative)

  • Whoot Whoot Wagon Taking place March 4th Monetary Donations are encouraged.
  • Future Whoot Whoot Wagon Ideas are in place for upcoming encouragement. Monetary Donations will be sought from parents to help with the bigger expenses. 

Communications Update (Emily Chesnic, Campus Communications & Volunteer Coordinator )

  • Daddy/Daughter Date Night Ideas are encouraged! Considering hosting a snack/beverage before the Jr. High Musical 
  • Grandparents Day Parade will take place on April 22nd. There will be arrangements for lunch at Hartville Kitchen. Grandparents may have the option to pick up their students.

Junior High PTF News (Laura Pletcher, Junior High PTF Representative)

  • Donut Breakfast Friday, March 4th
  • Possible Popcorn Bar There was an abundance of toppings remaining from the previous party! Let’s do it again! Volunteers to pack popcorn bags and help to serve.
  • Auction Basket for Jr. High theme will be “Let’s Get Physical” Donations fitting that theme accepted!
  • End of Year Breakfast Last day of school for the Teachers. 
  • 8th Grade Send Off Gift Ideas We are brainstorming ideas for a small token to gift each of the 8th Grade students as they leave Jr High and head to High School! If you have any ideas please contact Emily Chesnic in the Advancement Office! We are trying to keep the budget reasonable as there are 70 students in the 8th grade class!

Senior High PTF News (Julie Klein, High School PTF Representative)

  • Sr High Dodgeball 
  • Post Prom April 22nd at Spins Bowl 
  • Chicago Trip Upcoming for the Band/Choir/Orchestra Students 
  • Easter Decoration Considering doing something on the doors to spring up the halls. Mrs. Klein will contact Mrs. Maarschalk about the possibility. 
  • End of Year Breakfast 

Auction Update (Dawn Campanelli, Director of Advancement)

  • Auction Basket Coordinators Needed Stacey Baker is the Auction Coordinator this year and will be packing and assembling the baskets as the items are acquired.
  • Donations accepted Easily fill out an online form if you have an item(s) to donate!
  • Grade Level Baskets Each year each grade works on their own theme! Watch for details and then please participate by donating themed items for your class basket!
  • No Capacity Limit However this will be only the adult event. We will not bring back the student auction this year. Students are permitted to attend, but must remain with their parents at all times. 
  • Giving Baskets We would love to offer several baskets that would benefit local charities/organizations/ministries. If you are connected with any such ministries and can supply a list of needed items that can be donated and auctioned please contact Mrs. Campanelli in the Advancement Office! Monetary and physical supply donations needed!
  • Quilts If anyone has a connection to someone who quilts and may be able to make a donation, they are always very sought after items at the auction!
  • Photographer Needed We are looking for someone who would be willing to take photos of the auction items as they start to arrive at Lake Center and also someone who would be willing to be the event photographer as well! Auction is Saturday, April 30th!
  • Item Captions We also need someone who is gifted in writing out short, but thorough item descriptions for auction items! 
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