Email from Kara Kirkpatrick 9/2/2021

First things first, please make sure you visit our website to fill out the volunteer application (button below) to move you to the background check if you have not done so already.  All volunteers need to be approved, and this includes volunteering in your student’s classroom.  The application has been shortened and streamlined, and the background check is all completed online and will last for three years… no inking of fingers needed!
Secondly, the Advancement team is working very hard to update the PTF page on the website to make it easily accessible for all things PTF from dates to sign-ups to donation needs.  We will continue to email needs and post updates on the moms’ Facebook page, but we’re hoping to not duplicate/repeat information so many different places.  If you would be willing to be a point person for your grade or know of someone who would be perfect for that job, let me know.  This is just another way we can communicate needs to you and our school families.  This is one of our biggest challenges!
Thirdly, we are in the month of September! Our annual Family Round-Up is coming up soon, and volunteers may be needed for that event.  Please reach out to the Advancement Department (Emily Chesnic/Dawn Campanelli) if you would be willing to help with that event.  We are also gearing up for the Whoot!Whoot! Wagon for this month, which is a popcorn bar.  The Whoot!Whoot! Wagon is all about staff appreciation.  I would love to have a team of folks that can meet, plan, organize, and execute these monthly blessings.  If you have an interest or heart for this, let me know, and I will include you on a ‘planning committee.’  Here is a list of what we have done.  Last year, we had a few ‘above and beyond’ events, because let’s face it…our hard-working staff was in overtime last year.  I really think we can still pull off some of these bigger ones!
Sept 2020-Trail Mix bar in faculty lounges
Oct 2020-VIP Room Service (staff chose a drink and a snack from a list, and we delivered them at the end of the day)
Nov 2020-Panera lunch
Dec 2020-Mandarin Oranges and thank you note (“Orange you glad 2020 is almost over?!”)
Jan 2021-Hand sanitizer in lounges (washed our hands of 2020-wishing a healthy new year)
Feb 2021-Artisan Coffee coffee and pastry bar
March/April 2021-I have no idea!  I don’t remember!!  Did we do something?  I sure hope we did??!!
May 2021-Teacher Appreciation luncheon provided by Mi Casa (we also had families come out and ‘chalk the walk’ with appreciation messages to start the week off…and then the rain came and washed it all before the week started!!)
Previous year:  Fruit of the Spirit items (fresh fruit, fruit candies, fruit drinks-select an item), apple and dip grab bag, school supply cart-choose from a variety to replenish their stash, hot apple cider and donut holes in lounges during conferences, snack bag for testing week.
So you’ll see that we may ask for donations of items and also donations of money to cover these.  We try to keep most of these a surprise for the staff, so they are unexpected happy occurrences.  Obviously, some require notice.  
And finally, PTF is an organization that, at its core, is designed to bring our whole school community together.  As we plan for this year, if you have anything you would like to see our school do, please feel free to suggest these things!  As I have been involved for some years, I tend to get stuck in what has already been done and stay in that lane.  Fresh ideas and fresh perspectives are welcomed!  I look forward to working with you this year!
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