USDA Approves Free Meals for ALL Students

The United States Department of Agriculture has extended its “Summer Service” food program through the end of this school year, May 27, 2021, or until funds are depleted.  

Beginning on Monday, September 14, 2020, ALL Lake Center Christian School Students will receive FREE lunches!

Per the USDA, this free service only applies to purchases of complete meals.  Individual items will be charged accordingly.  For example, if a student chooses to purchase an extra slice of pizza but purchased the complete lunch meal of Pizza – fruit, vegetable, milk, and pizza, then the student would only have to pay for the extra slice of pizza. 

Lunches are also available for those enrolled in our ISP and TRA programs.  If you would like to receive free lunches (for the week), please email Lunch pick up for these students will be on Tuesday. 

If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Kathy Fulk, Food Service Director, at 330-877-2049 ext. 2380 or email her at 

Free Lunches for All students
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