Hartville, Ohio   May 20, 2021: 

Students from the Lake Center Christian School Gifted and Talented Enrichment (GATE) Program, led by Mrs. Jennifer Neel, competed in the Noetic Learning Math Contest. 

 This spring, most of our GATE students participated in the Noetic Learning Math Competition.  NLMC is a national problem-solving contest given by Noetic Learning.  The purpose of the contest is to inspire young students’ interest in math and convey the message ‘It is COOL to be good at math!’ to students. 

Students were given 45 minutes to solve 20 challenging math problems. The top 10% of students were rewarded and the top 50% of students will be recognized on Noetic Learning’s web site.

Students who participated had the opportunity to earn a Team Winner Medal (of the LCCS grade-level team) and could also earn National Honorable Mention Ribbons. We congratulate these students for their perseverance and grit as they worked through extremely challenging problems. 

The following students are our team winners:

       3rd Grade GATE | Avishai Hinterleiter

       4th Grade GATE | Caroline Shelly

       5th Grade GATE | Parker Briggs

       6th Grade GATE   Moriah Klein and Jillian Miller Team Co-Winners (same score)


The following students received the National Honorable Mention award. This title is awarded to approximately the top 50% of
participating mathletes. 

       Avishai Hinterleiter, 3rd Grade

       Gage Nelson, 3rd Grade

       Caroline Shelly, 4th Grade

       Eliana Walker, 4th Grade

       Parker Briggs, 5th Grade

       Arielle Kluth, 5th Grade

       Moriah Klein, 6th Grade

       Jillian Miller, 6th Grade


Congratulations to all the winners! The contest results demonstrate our students’ great problem solving skills and math talents. They also show that our students can rise to the occasion and can meet the challenge.


More detailed information about the Noetic Learning Math Contest can be found at: 


For more information about Lake Center Christian School, please contact Kim Beavers, Director of Communication, Marketing, and Public Relations at 330-877-2049, ext. 3025 or email her at

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