Lake Center Christian School Offers Nurturing, Biblically-Centered Kindergarten

Children flourish in loving classrooms focused on God’s truths, development, play

By: Emily Chesnic, Campus Communications & Volunteer Coordinator

HARTVILLE – Lake Center Christian School’s (LCCS) kindergarten program is a partnership between home, church, and school, with God’s Word at the core.

The three kindergarten classrooms at LCCS are large, bright, and welcoming and where the school’s youngest students are shown the unconditional love of Jesus; realize who they are in Christ; participate in beneficial social interactions; and learn new things.

“From the first day of school on, the kindergarten teachers at LCCS integrate the Bible into everything the class does, teaching children to see things from God’s perspective and using situations for Christian character building,” said Elementary Principal Mrs. Dannon Stock. 

Lake Center’s kindergarten teachers, Mrs. Sandra Amann, Mrs. Nancy Swanson, and Mr. Nathan Smith, spur on a child’s development in learning through small group activity centers, hands-on experiments, playtime with peers, and special activities, while fostering a Biblical worldview.

Lake Center’s kindergarten program provides children a secure, supportive, and special space in which to grow spiritually, socially, emotionally, and academically, and on God’s timeline, affirms Mrs. Stock. “At Lake Center, children learn to love school and are not rushed along. We work with each student where he or she is at, allowing them to develop over the course of the school year,” Mrs. Stock emphasized.

Kindergartners at LCCS are given plenty of opportunities throughout the school day to get up and move around and play and leave the classroom for special classes, including weekly physical education, art, music, and library, Mrs. Stock added. The kindergarten students also are given time for fresh air and friendship building on the school’s newly updated outdoor playground and provided with time to rest their little minds, too, she said.

“Kindergarten at LCCS is special because it allows kids to truly be kids. We have thorough academics, but we are allowed enough time and flexibility for student-centered activities. This paired with a focus on Biblical worldview makes LCCS  kindergarten truly special,” said Mr. Nathan Smith, a 2015 LCCS alumnus.

Lake Center’s student-to-teacher ratio for kindergarten is lower than the Ohio Department of Education’s requirement to have one faculty member per 25 students in a classroom. Each LCCS kindergarten classroom, which takes up to 25 students, has a 1-to-13 student-to-teacher ratio, as each classroom also has a kindergarten teacher aide. 

The student-to-teacher ratio for kindergarten at LCCS is low to help provide lasting developmental benefits, said Mrs. Stock. The low ratio allows for more individual support, according to published research by the American Journal of Education, Elementary School Journal, and the Journal of Educational Psychology. These three journals concluded a low student-to-teach ratio can assist in increasing a student’s academic and social growth.

The teachers at LCCS are certified through the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI)  in addition to being licensed by the state of Ohio, ensuring not only a deep understanding of the Bible but a fruitful application of The Word in their lives, said LCCS Superintendent Dr. Joseph Beeson. Lake Center’s K-12th grade is accredited by ACSI and Cognia, with the school securing the dual-accreditation again last fall, a reflection of its continued commitment to educational and spiritual excellence, he said.

Lake Center’s kindergarten teachers implement future ready learning, with a focus on inquiry and development of problem solving skills, and provide differentiated instruction to meet individual needs. 

“We value diversity, knowing a child is individually created by God and blessed with abilities and talents unique to him or her,” said Mrs. Amann, who has taught at the school for 23 years.

“It is a blessing to see children develop God’s gifts and become excited about their faith. Children look at Jesus as their best friend, and it is amazing,” she continued. “Our kindergarten students attend chapels, learn scripture verses and how to apply them to their lives, sing God’s praises, and have opportunities to pray and serve Him.”

Mrs. Amann highlights kindergarten at LCCS is a “developmentally appropriate learning environment,” with there being “no pressure or comparison to one another.”

Parents are encouraged to become involved in the kindergarten program, said Mrs. Stock. Parents are invited to attend weekly chapel and special activities throughout the year inside the school. Parents additionally may serve as classroom volunteers, upon adequate completion of the school’s volunteer application and a background check. 

LCCS parent Elyse Conley said, “Mrs. Amann has been such a blessing to my shy kindergartener, and it has been wonderful to see her grow so much this year. It puts my mind at ease to know our faculty and staff not only care about academics, but also their students’ spiritual growth.”

Lake Center Christian School is now enrolling kindergarteners for the 2022-23 school year and administering informal kindergarten assessments during the month of March to help the faculty gain insight into each child’s readiness to start kindergarten. Prospective LCCS kindergarten students must turn 5-years-old on or before Aug. 1 to be considered for placement in the kindergarten program at LCCS. 

Those who would like to learn more about Lake Center Christian School’s kindergarten and schedule a private campus tour should contact LCCS Director of Admissions, Jackie Gilin, at (330) 877-2049 or [email protected]. You can also learn more at www.lccs.com/visit

In photo: Lake Center Christian School Kindergarten Teacher Mrs. Sandra Amann engages student Adelaide Conley in an interactive learning activity

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