High School Testing

Terra Nova

Beginning in the Spring of 2017, 9th and 10th grade will take the Terra Nova 3 to meet the state testing requirements for graduation.

Male Student Taking a Test

PSAT - Preliminary-SAT Test

(Optional for Grades 10 & 11)

This is the test that qualifies juniors for the National Merit Scholarship Program, which for high scorers may lead to college scholarships. It is offered to juniors and sophomores (for practice) wishing to take it for a minimal fee. This test will be given during the school day in mid-October. Results will be reviewed in class and then mailed home.

**No special needs accommodations will be available for students in the 10th grade. This can be an opportunity to observe and document standardized test-taking abilities without accommodations.

**In preparation to take the PSAT in 11th grade with testing accommodations, students with documented disabilities and their parents should contact the Guidance Office for the SSD Student Eligibility Form in the spring of 10th grade; however, approval is not guaranteed.


(Grades 9-12, individually)

ACT Will be administered at LCCS in February free of charge for all Juniors. This testing date will not provide results early enough to qualify for CCP application.

The ACT and the SAT are national college entrance examinations given on specific test dates at specific locations. Registration is done by students or parents on-line. A student score from either the ACT or SAT is required for most college admissions. Registration packets, study materials, and assistance are available in the Guidance Office. You can access the most current information on test dates by clicking on ACT or SAT. Our school code for LCCS is 365-120.

*Fee Waivers are available in the guidance office for those who qualify.

**ACT: For students with a diagnosed disability, the approval process for special needs accommodations requires a special application process and approval is not guaranteed. Please see the website listed here for directions on how to apply: http://www.act.org/content/act/en/products-and-services/the-act/accommodations.html#student

**SAT: If a student with a diagnosed disability was approved for special accommodations on the PSAT, this approval will cover all College Board testing programs (e.g. SAT, AP) for as long as the student’s school verifies annually that the eligibility requirements and Guidelines for Documentation continue to be met. If a student has not yet been approved, this process must be started as soon as possible by contacting the Guidance Office. Approval for special accommodations is not guaranteed.

Check out the following websites for free ACT and SAT test prep:​​

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