ACT & SAT Testing

Pre-College Testing

ACT Test Dates 2018-2019: Go to
SAT Test Dates 2018-2019: Go to

Lake Center school code: 365-120

Please use this code on your test registration. We will be sent a copy of your scores. Scores are included on your high school transcript automatically when your academic records are sent to colleges. Some colleges want a score report directly from ACT or SAT; they will let you know of their preference.

You can also take advantage of having your scores sent directly to colleges of interest while registering for the test. Take advantage of this option for up to 5 colleges without a fee.

Did you know that students can request a copy of their test questions and answers? Look for information at


Key Differences Between
the ACT and SAT

ACT vs SAT: which test is a better fit for your student?

Students may take whichever test they prefer (assuming there are available testing locations for both tests). If you’re not sure which test your child would prefer, consider the key differences between the ACT and SAT. Some students find that the ACT caters to their strengths more so than the SAT, and vice versa.

Need a quick side-by-side comparison of the tests? Check out our ACT vs. SAT Comparison Chart.

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