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Seniors, this is not a hard-and-fast rule but, ideally, Nov. 15 should be your deadline for all applications, especially if you hope to earn a top-dollar scholarship from a university.

Universities begin evaluating applicants for scholarships in November and often their scholarship recipients are decided as early as February. Apply online…. many colleges waive their application fees in the fall so apply to several possible colleges of interest while it is free. Of course, applications after this time frame are considered as well for admittance. There just may not be as much scholarship money available to you.

Transcripts and Test Scores

*Students will indicate their transcript requests on Family Connection.   
After you apply, the college will ask you to have your high school send Official transcripts 
(means sent directly from your high school or CCP college) and ACT/SAT test scores. Sometimes they send us a request via email but it is your responsibility to make sure those records are requested.

Counselor Recommendations

Complete the Senior Information for Counselor Recommendation Student Form and submit it to the Guidance Office the beginning of your Senior year. This information helps the Guidance Counselor prepare a through recommendation for the college admissions office. Allow both Counselors and Teachers a week to prepare recommendations. They will want the time to prepare a strong recommendation that best represents your strengths and talents.         

Application Information

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