Course Descriptions and Costs



Elementary Programs 

(Designed for students entering grades 1-6.)

 Fundational Phonics - This program is by invitation only. The focus is on reinforcement of early reading skills and is for students currently struggling in the reading process.  ($100)

Reading Comprehension Grades 1-3 - Offered to students needing extra support with reading development including fluency and comprehension. ($75)

 Reading Comprehension Grades 4-6 - Offered to students to develop comprehension of text and early research skills.  ($75)

Junior High Programs 

(Designed for students entering grades 7-8.)

Organizational skills - The focus is on test taking, note taking, study skills and time management. ($75)

 Math Review - This class focuses on math skills needed at the junior high level namely fractions, decimals and percents.  Can be used as either a reinforcement or introduction. ($75)

High School Programs 

(Designed for students entering grades 9-12.)

 Study skills - The focus of this class is to teach and reinforce proper study skills including notetaking, time management and test preparation in the school environment. ($75)

 Algebra Review - This class focuses on review and reinforcement of algebraic concepts. This class is geared toward students who struggled with algebra and would benefit from further teaching. ($75)

 ACT prep - This focuses on ACT prep for both students that have struggled or for those who simply want to improve their scores. ($100)

 NOTE: Each class needs a minimum of four students.  There are eight classes per semester. 

Extracurricular Activities 

 Art club is open to all grades ($30- for supplies)

Private tutoring 

Tutoring is available at a cost of $200 for a series of eight 45-minute sessions. These are based on the specific needs of the student. Tutoring will be scheduled according to mutually agreed upon dates and times.



Session 1: June 4-29  

Session 2: July 9- August 3

Applications for Session 1 accepted through May 30. 



Contact: Kimber Gorham, Summer Program Coordinator at


** Non-LCCS students will need to pay a $15 processing fee to participate in our summer programs.  They will be required to fill out an application and will be given a student handbook to read and sign with their parents.  This is for the safety of our students and yours.  Thank you for your cooperation. **